Essay on The Effects Of Playground Time On Children

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Teachers have an increasingly large number of children to teach each year in a small window of time. For the teachers to reach the goals set for the class, the children are required to sit and listen to lectures, sometimes extending for hours. This is even true for young grade school children with a higher demand put on the teachers to excel a large group of children. Playground time is being cut out to add in lecture time. The children need this play time to be able to move freely since they are constricted in the classroom. When there is a child in the class that is not sitting still and being attentive, the teacher, and sometimes other parents, feels as if the entire class is suffering. “Information is typically absorbed through reading, listening, or seeing as opposed to doing” (Jody Sherman, 2006, para. 3). Children and adults naturally learn by hands on activities. Due to the increased amount of information being taught in the strict time set, these hands-on activities are being cut from the learning programs. “So-called psychiatric learning disorders are an effort to “medicalize” failures to instruct and discipline” (Johnson, 2000, para. 6). Typically, in an elementary classroom, especially kindergarten through third grade, there are a lot of stimuli around the classroom. There are bright pictures, banners, cubby holes, and trinkets from the ceiling down. A young child is expected to sit and pay attention to the teacher with a room filled with temptations.…

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