The Everlasting Times Of Human History Essay

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Within the Everlasting times of Human history a person or people have been subject to conformity. This conformity shapes us into people trying to please others by expectations put on us, and our roles in society, which will lead to our eventual demise. The Play Hamlet by William Shakespeare has a character named Ophelia that is torn between her love for Hamlet and the desire to please her father, Polonius. This contradiction evidently leads to her insanity and eventual death, which demonstrates the profound destruction that occurs when the very people that love and protect you, abandon you.

Since the beginning of the play Ophelia is being torn between her love for hamlet and the obedience she has for her father, Polonius. Polonius at this time is trying to help Prince Hamlet recover from his “madness”, and asks Ophelia to retract her love for him, thinking that it will knock Hamlet out of it. But little did he know that Hamlet’s madness was just an act, and therefore manipulated his own daughter into doing what he asks and not what she feels fit. “Ophelia: I do not know, my lord, what i should think. Polonius: Mary, i will teach you. Think yourself a baby that you have ta’en these tenders for true pay, which are not sterling. Tender yourself more dearly, or you 'll tender me a fool,” stands the point that Polonius is taking advantage of Ophelia by degrading her to a child that needs his guidance, and implanting a seed of doubt within her mind. Soon after, Polonius gives…

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