Essay on The Eyes Were Beautiful Shades Of Mahogany

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Her eyes were beautiful shades of mahogany, yet when she opened her mouth I saw the reason everyone wanted her soul so badly, “Why me, I have such a fabulous life, and I can 't give that up she said,”
Hopefully she can change her venomous greed and envy with my help, because if not LLEH World will hold her soul.

I remember seeing her once in my past too, on my travels through the northern cities of massachusetts before I died and became the reaper, she was six at the time galloping through the gravel like an invisible horse carried her, so innocent, and kind.

Fun fact for you, young children have the purest souls of all ages than by the time their sixteen they become corrupted and full of despair. Yet I laugh in my own mind, when I think about how even in death a person we saw once in our lifetime who wasn’t that important, reappears out of thin air to demonstrate all of the connections we have to one another; sadly she’s forever connected to me.

Well I know you 're getting bored with my philosophy of life, so I’ll just go on and tell you a little about my past too, but don’t you even be the slightest surprised, cause I was just that traditional American boy, wearing only flannels, and blue jeans, while trying to still keep hold of my quarterback position, as if it was stitched into my right jean pocket waiting to fray. To be honest though, football wouldn’t be the same without my team members who I grew up with, and spent every weekend lighting up the town with as…

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