The First Time Management Procedure Essay

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The first time management procedure I have developed is taking 5 minutes out of my lunch break to work on the weekly report.

For others within the organization they make time for themselves by asking me to go to the Houston Permitting Center.

Many things can result from poor time management. For myself, this has resulted in not very much time to eat lunch and also I have almost missed the deadline for turning in one of the reports.

My day starts with going straight to the jobsite. After getting there, I talk to the subcontractors that are there and ask what they are going to be doing for the day. Following that, either my supervisor will stop by or call and ask how things are progressing.

All of the meetings that I have attended lately have been about how things are progressing on the jobs we currently have.

The first way to have an effective meeting is by having a good agenda and making sure you stick to it. Second, is to have everyone show up on time. If one person shows up late then you may have to repeat information which causes lost time and frustrates everyone that was there on time.

My supervisor is the one that decides what the agenda for each meeting is.

At all of the meetings that I have been to everything is written down beforehand so that the limits are already established. As for enforcing them, my supervisor stops everything if we get off topic and makes sure we go right back to the topic that is being addressed.

Since we started a new job this past…

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