The First Time - Original Writing Essay

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“I was about to get married when I was taken. This is actually the first time I’ve worn a dress,.” I explained. I thought of my father and felt my eyes well up. I looked away.
“That’s horrible,” she said placing her hand on my shoulder.
“How did they get you?” I asked, trying not to think of my father.
“I don’t know!” she squeaked. “I remember an explosion and then I woke up in a room here.”
“How long have you been here?” I asked.
Her head fell into her hands and she sobbed, “I’m not positive. At least a few months, I think.”
I gasped in shock. “Have they hurt you?”
She shook her head rapidly. “Not really. I am treated like a slave. They do tests on me though.”
My eyes widened in fear. “What kind of tests?”
There was a pound on the door before she could answer. She grabbed both of my hands and with urgency said, “I have to blind fold you again. If I don’t they’ll kill me.”
“I can stop them!” I said confidently, already planning our way to escape.
“No!” she screamed. She pulled her pant leg up and showed me some kind of device wrapped around her ankle. “They just need to push a button and this will electrocute me.”
I was defeated. There was no way I was about to let them kill Shay even if it meant my escape. I would have to wait for the opportune moment. “Do it then,” I said.
Once my blindfold was on Shay knocked on the door.
It opened and I heard the same deep voice say, “Take her to her room.” Then the door closed.
Shay was gone. I heard footsteps stop…

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