The Fulfillment Of Time Essay examples

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Prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, the people of Israel awaited the long begot promise of the Messiah. During their waiting they had undergone severe persecution, due to their historically continued disobedience and violation of their covenant with God. Having their homes destroyed, belongings seized, they were taken into captivity repeatedly by a multitude of nations, only to be mistreated and enslaved. Not to mention, their beloved temple was decimated repeatedly. Adding to their woe’s, the Israelites lived under the law and the after- effects of living under strict regulation in order to survive and maintain purity as a chosen nation. Oppression also came at the hands of self-righteous leaders whom changed the law to suit their selfish ambitions and fuel their own personal desires, due to the repeated violations of the covenant.
Although grace had not been manifest, God in His sovereignty had predestined grace and salvation for the nation of Israel. The grace of God is evidenced through the prophetic proclamation of the Old Testament prophets, who repeatedly spoke of the coming of Christ. Therefore, the fullness of time spoken of in Galatians 4:4 harmonizes with the proclamations as divinely inspired by the Spirit of God. Providentially, man had proven that he was unable to keep the covenant established by God, and God honouring His covenant He established with Abraham, demonstrated his love and grace through his son Jesus Christ through…

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