The Functions of Management Essay

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Organizing as a Management Function
Lakisha Mitchell
Management 330
October 3 2011
Homer Johnstone

Organizing as a Management Function
The planning function of management is the process of setting goals and objectives for an organization to achieve over a set period. A plan will include activities and tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the ultimate goal. An organization that neglects to establish and monitor plans will become disorganized and eventually lose control of practices performed throughout the corporation. In This paper, I will evaluate the planning function of WorldCom management. In addition, it will analyze its legal ethnical and social issues the company faced. Lastly, it will examine the factors that
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The management team of the Company was not able to evaluate the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of WorldCom. The Company was not able to focus on its goals and objectives and the management committee could not maintain the organizing and controlling functions for the Company, which finally resulted in bad debt and false practices. Therefore, the planning function of the management was not proper and the company failed to properly manage its activities
Legal Ethnical and Social issues
The legal, ethical, corporate and social responsibility factors have a great impact on the management planning function of the organization. WorldCom did not follow the right, ethical and legal conduct according to the standards of the Company and was declared bankrupt in the end. The Company attained success after so many years of hard work and dedicated efforts, which finally ended up with fraudulent practices and bankruptcy. This all happened because of the corrupt practices and the wrong intentions of the people at the administrative level. The company used a liberal interpretation of accounting rules when preparing financial statements (a clear violation of GAAP). In an effort to make it appear that profits were increasing, WorldCom would write down in one quarter millions of dollars in assets it acquired at the same time it included the same charge in expense account. The management teams of WorldCom (any organization) have

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