The Honor Code Of The Mind, Body, And Spirit Of Each Individual

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The Honor Code focuses on the development of the mind, body, and spirit of each individual by explaining and outlining the morals and ethics that God and the school: Oral
Roberts University expect the students to understand and follow. The Honor Code to many people would be just a set of rules that one is required to sign and follow when entering the
University, but to those who truly understand the Honor Code it is more than just another set of rules to follow, it is the guide by which we as Christians live our lives according to God’s word. Many times the people who choose to be dishonest and have no morals tend to depend on others to meet their emotional and spiritual needs rather than seeking and trusting in God to fulfill those needs. By doing this, most times a person will find themselves caught in the ways of the world and turning their backs towards God. As Christians we strive to rise above these afflictions and put our full faith and trust in God’s plan for our lives and act accordingly. The
Honor Code acts as a guide to which we can refer, to acquire a fresh understanding of Christ’s moral expectations for His children, when faced with these obstacles. This is the purpose of Oral
Roberts University’s Honor Code. Point five of the Honor Code focuses on training as well as guiding the student to resist and refrain from any and all immoral and illegal actions that may present themselves. One key issue that most Christians are faced and tempted…

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