The Human Mind Essay

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The visits were allowed under third party supervision and my sister convinced Sam’s ex-wife to be the supervisor. Sam’s ex-wife had her own home and was raising two kids; she was a trusted person with apparently no legal issues, to this CAA agreed. Visitations started to occur at Sam’s ex-wife’s home around AJ’s age 8. This was the mother and daughter relationship although AJ would describe it as if her mother and her where together all the time. It is more of what she wished that what it really happened. The human mind often bents to our own wishes more than to reality.
It was also listed in the file that AJ may have been molested at an early age, neglected, and malnourished. Apparently Amanda was molested by one of the care givers, a male friend of the family referred only by Amanda as Bobbie. A lot of mystery around this Bobbie character who had connections and all sort of government conspiracy my sister tells me. Yet, there was no conclusive evidence and Amanda refused to talk about it during therapy. It was a strange story, like a bad dream. The file said that according to AJ’s recount of the story “The police came and took her from Bobbie; “Mommy said I was not to see him again. The police was wrong, he didn’t do anything.” AJ stated. It sounded weird! I try to think the best of people in my heart of hearts and hope it was just a misunderstanding. Later on, my sister told me that she had given Amanda to her mother (Nancy) also and she had given Amanda to this relative…

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