The Importance Of Verbal Expression And Its Effect On Your Own Mind

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Speaking off the top of your head, can get you out of bed or take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out, Freestyling is the art of flowing words that come from off the top of your head. It’s not rehearsed or pre-planned; it is free flowing and natural with or without instrumental beats. Freestyling is an escape for when you need to speak out or creatively express your thoughts and opinions. Often voices are silenced, people barely get to speak up or speak their mind. So, when you get the chance to freestyle either alone or in a group, you are able to venture off into your own mind and say whatever comes to your head in a rhythmic notion. When sharing your point of view on your surroundings and experiences through talking, freestyling or “spitting rhymes” you get to subconsciously dig into your own mind and say things you usually wouldn’t. An activity I enjoy using, as an escape is Freestlying, freestyling helps fill the void of the lack of verbal expression in my life whether I am doing it with a group or alone. When I freestyle, I am able to speak my mind, share my experiences, express myself and point of view while demonstrating forms of expression and creativity through verbal exchange.
Being able to say what’s on your mind is a great way to express and even escape from your own reality. When you get to say what you’re thinking about, what’s bothering you or even what you are going through at that very moment, you are able to express yourself without bottling…

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