The Internet Of The Classroom Saves Time Essay

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Despite opening the window to new and different means of distraction and cheating, technology and the Internet have furthered education and schools because of the increased opportunities to connect with other students around the globe and the immense amount of time and resources it saves.
The use of the Internet in the classroom saves time as well as resources. Now, instead of wasting paper on quizzes and activities, teachers can use online resources like Kahoot, Quizlet, Duolingo, online simulations, blogs and more. Online activities mean students can access them even when they get home. This is especially helpful when school is cancelled; schoolwork can be completed using E-days, which are essentially school days conducted online. Online classes are also creating more opportunities for students because they can take classes at their own pace; they also allow students to create space in their schedules for classes at a school building, like ceramics. A downside to online assignments, classes, and E-days is that students must be able to easily access the Internet, so students who do not have Wi-Fi due to low family income or religious preferences may find it difficult to complete online tasks.
Research is another aspect of school that is influenced by the Internet. Not only is it more convenient since it is like carrying a personal library, but it also saves time because it is much easier to type in a few key words as opposed to searching manually through pages of…

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