The Is Never Far From My Mind Essay example

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I’m one of those people. The kind who notices every piece of litter along the roadside, who cringes at the sight of stores lit up after close, rescues recyclables from trashcans, and silently judges anyone who drinks bottled water, who can only look at nature photography in small doses because the earth is so beautiful I could literally cry! You know, that kind. Frankly, I could be far worse. I try to rein in my rampant environmentalism to tolerable levels. Yet, the thought of my impact on the environment, and that of those around me, is never far from my mind. In my defense, I was raised by avid outdoorsmen and environmentalist parents. They grew up in a time when being outside was basically the only entertainment afforded to children, and saw no reason I should feel differently. I was indoctrinated from birth to deeply appreciate nature, to compost, garden, recycle, “leave no trace”, “Why are there so many lights on?!”, “Leave some water for the fish!”, “If you’re cold, get a blanket!”. I never stood a chance. My overt environmentalist ways fizzled out a bit in my teen years, when I realized that chastising my peers for hurting the planet was even less cool than correcting their grammar. It would take years, a vertebrate biology lab in college, and a few unfulfilling jobs, to lead me back on the path to wilderness. Wanting to get hands on experience in the environmental conservation field, I chose to dedicate a year of service to Americorps, through the Conservation…

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