The Is The Thief Of Time Essay

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For the rest of the semester we would sit in those same red cushioned lecture seats for every anthropology class. To be quite honest, although that anthropology class was horribly boring, it easily became my favorite class of the semester due to the fact that I got to see Amanda every Tuesday and Thursday. On those days, I would make sure to remember to shave and try to dress up a bit nicer than usual- no basketball shorts and no loose t-shirts. I would always arrive to class a few minutes early to make sure no one sat in our own reserved seats. I would put my backpack on Amanda’s seat so no one would sit there, because of course she always arrived a few minutes late. It was as if she lived her life to that Oscar Wilde quip, “‘I am always late on principle, my principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.” Life was too brief and joyous for her to care about the meaningless delineations of time. So focused was I on Amanda, that I could not pay attention to a word the professor said in class; so I would have to teach myself the course material from the two hundred dollar textbook in my bedroom at night. We would get lunch occasionally as well, every two weeks or so depending on Amanda’s schedule (If I had something planned, during the time, I would not hesitate to miss it).

There were were countless things that enamored me to Amanda, including her radiant illustrious smile, her exotic yet comforting accent, her rambunctious yet sweet laugh, her small pinched…

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