Essay about The Last Time - Original Writing

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I glance up at Jensen, anxious. The last time I really saw him, I yelled at him and I wasn’t exactly nice. I’m surprised he still helped me. I know I couldn’t have.
“Maybe you should sit down,” he suggests and I nod in agreement.
I walk over to the bed and sit down, feeling sick to my stomach. Not physically sick but sick to know I’m not human anymore. “I’m sorry,” I begin in a whisper. “I don’t know what came over me. I shouldn’t have taken Kane’s gun. I don’t even understand how I got it from him. It all happened so fast.”
“Don’t worry about it. He deserves it sometimes.”
“I would have shot him if you hadn’t stopped me,” I state, serious.
“Maybe, maybe not. Are you feeling any better?” he asks, standing in front of me. He’s keeping his distance from me and there’s slight uncertain in his eyes. He’s scared of me.
“I remember everything. I’m not human anymore.” I feel somewhat disgusted with myself. When I took the serum, I seriously didn’t think I would survive. I just wanted a fighting chance to live.
“No, but that doesn’t change who you are.”
“Then why are you keeping your distance? And how did I survive? I shouldn’t have survived. The survival rate…”
“You survived because that’s what you do and you’re also a scrappy piece of work,” he mocks, his personality returning to its arrogant self. “You expected to die? Really? Well, the Demon Serum didn’t make you any smarter.”
“Really? You wanna mock me right now? As I recall who saved who’s life, more than once?” I exclaim.…

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