Essay about The Life Of A Time

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Pedro, and on a December winter morning he woke up to find that his father had forgotten to do the laundry. So he rushed and picked through the pile of clothes and sniffed each one as he tossed them behind him, he then came across a sweater that didn’t smell too bad, so he put it on to wear. After that he put on some jeans, grabbed some Takis from the table and took a big slurp of Chocolate milk to meet just in time for the the school bus that pulls up in front of the Hilton Hotel building every weekday morning to go to school.

Pedro had lived with his father in the basement of the great hilton hotel building for all of his life. His dad, which was the janitor of the building, spent his days fixing the boiler, fixing the plumbing, fixing the electricity, dealing with trash, getting signal for the televisions, cleaning the halls and listening to unending complaints from cranky tenants. And after a hard day of work, he spent his nights drinking beer and going to parties till the next day.

- My father always says that “raising a child was never part of my life plan.”

Five years passed and at the age of Ten, Pedro was on her own. He always ate food that was mostly fried and found in a bag left on the counter. He wore clothing that was about one size too small, and one season too late. She did her homework on a sticky old table with bottles of beer on the side, and then he spent his evenings watching news channels he waited till…

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