The Management Theory And Management Essay

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Managers have played one of the most important roles in the wellbeing of any business and management has been developed through many decades. Theories from the past have helped evolve modern management. A major influence in the creation of a management system is the Scientific Management theory and apprises the advancing of efficiency of work through the division of labour and job specialisation in a corporate hierarchy (Dent, 2014). Another theory is the Behavioural Management theory which encourages new ways of thinking. This form of management reviews the way managers behave toward employees to motivate, encourage and influence high levels of proficiency and commitment to the organisation. Managers who understand these theories can greatly improve their management skills.
Today 's society has been very fast changing and fast paste and so managers must use what they know to improve their skills and ensure that the business stays successful. A classical theory that has been used since the early 1900s is Scientific Management theory which highlights a methodical approach to management. Frederick W. Taylor is famous for defining the techniques of this theory. The purpose was to increase the efficiency of an organisation by redesigning the work process and assigning jobs to qualified individuals. Taylor believed that workers who specialise in one particular job could better improve their skills, therefore, become faster, more productive and thus more efficient than those…

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