The Mind And Artificial Intelligence Essay

1635 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
Both the mind and machines are complex physical substances which we may or may not ever fully understand. Nonetheless, there are large portions of the brain and machines that we are aware of, but different people have different theories explaining how they work. Over the course of this semester my views about the mind and artificial intelligence have changed. In this paper I will first go through how my views about the human mind have changed going over the brain theory of personal identity, the modularity of the mind and mentalese. I will next explain how my views about artificial intelligence have changed over this semester, focusing on the brain theory, modularity, mentalese, the Turing test and arguments against artificial intelligence. At the beginning of this course I believed that who you are as a person, your ‘self’, is in the brain. I partially believed that there may also be some type of external individualist part of yourself that made up part of your personal identity because I had heard about the studies of people weighing slightly less right after they die than right before. These studies led to a theory that there is some type of soul (or part of you external from your physical body) that leaves you when you die. The main argument in A Dialog on Personal Identity and Immortality by John Perry that made me be able to firmly believe that we do not have souls was the soul switching argument on page 15-17. We have no way of knowing if a person has a soul, and…

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