The Mind And The Brain Essay

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There is a well known dichotomy in science between the mind and the brain. It is a dualism of psychology and biology, where the fascinating components of life come together, to create a consciousness. Comparable to the symbiosis of a plant and its fungi, the mind and brain are integral parts of each other. Finding answers to the mysterious of the human brain is a captivating thought. It is this desire that drives my goal to understand the medical science behind the human brain, and treat its problems.
It 's exciting to live in a time where science is continuously flourishing and being applied to solve humankind 's problems. Nowhere is this more true than in the advancement of medicine. With the medical world rapidly growing, marvelous medical innovations seem so futuristic. From disabled patients who control robotic arms with their brains, to organs grown in a lab. I am fortunate to live in such an age with all these new incredible breakthroughs. The thought of being a part of this community sustains my aspirations. I anticipate with pleasure my opportunity to one day contribute to the medical world.
Many approaches in psychology focus on the organic causes that use various aspects of chemistry and biology to explain human behavior. This is very true in the world of neuroplasticity. In Norman Doidge’s book ‘The brain that changes itself’ he spoke of a woman who lost her sense of balance because of poor function of her inner ear. This caused her to feel as if she was…

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