Essay The Mind And The Brain

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Over time philosophers have had many views on whether or not the soul is real, do we have one or is it something that is made up for the sake of religion and scaring people into becoming just? Is there a difference between the mind and the brain? Are the soul and the mind connected and do they even exist? The brain is a powerful organ that causes hallucinations and controls our personality and as much as I believe our brain does control these things there is still a part of me that believes we all have souls. An article written by Jay Tolson for US News and World Report questions if there is even room for the soul. The first line in the article begins by saying, “A mind is a tough thing to think about. Consciousness is the defining feature of the human species. But is it possible that it is also no more than an extravagant biological add-on, something not really essential to our survival? (Tolson, 2006)” Well Tolson when you put it that way, no our souls/ minds may not be essential to survival because what are our basic needs, food, water, shelter, nowhere does it say a person has to have a soul or a conscious to live or even survive on this earth doesn’t mean we don’t have one. The article goes on to discuss a study that suggests “our conscious minds play less of a role in making decisions” (Tolson, 2006) and that the role is actually played by neurons and a cluster of brain cells that were already decided for you. Another statement that makes you think, are you…

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