The Mind From Cognitive Scientist Essay

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For many years, psychologists, scientists and behavior annalists have lived with the controversy of whether Distributed practice or Massed practice produces better learning. Many discoveries about the mind from cognitive scientist prove that there are certain techniques that improve the memory more than others. A group of rookie scientists decided to ask Dr. Sean Kang which is an assistant Professor and also Director of “Cognition and Education Lab located at Dartmouth College, about which is the most effective technique for teachers to use with their students to learn something well. Without any hesitation, he explained how Distributed practice over Massed practice has been proven to be the most efficient strategy that can produce durable learning experiences and retention to the working memory.

Many experiments have been conducted by scientists with proving results that Distributed practice in fact, produces better learning in any individual no matter the age and also to any trainable animal. On the other hand, massed practice, even though is effective in some individuals, has not been proven to be as successful in helping the working memory retain the information learned as Distributed practice has. Distributed practice, also known as Spacing Practice, uses strategies that help the memory retain more learned information for longer periods of time. Because lessons are taught in divided short laps and performed in longer period of times, distributed learning…

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