The Mind Is Capable Of Wandering Many Places Essay

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The mind is capable of wandering many places. In Virginia Woolf’s short essay “Street Haunting”, Woolf travels the streets of London to get away from her confined room. She sets out on a journey to discover the potential and limits of the mind’s eye. In her journey, Woolf switches her viewpoints very frequently where her imagination twists her reality. Woolf’s use of imagery helps the reader create the same dreamlike image that she has in her head. In “Street Haunting”, Woolf is making the connection that certain sceneries contribute to the identity of oneself. Even though the mind’s eye focuses on beauty only and not the imperfections, the mind is an outlet because it helps one escape from reality, and notice what others don’t. To begin with, the first thing noticed in an essay is the title. “Street Haunting” means that Woolf is haunting the streets of London. However, the word “haunt” is not meant to be perceived in a scary way. Haunting also means to be persistently in the mind of someone. Therefore, Woolf is wandering around London, imagining herself through the perspective of others. The title, “Street Haunting” could also mean that Woolf is trying to escape the normality of her life trying to connect the relationship between the different surroundings shaping ones individuality. Furthermore, most of Woolf’s journey occurs mainly in her mind and her imagination. She starts talking about the eye and how the eye focuses on beauty only. The writer creates a…

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