The Mind Is The Greatest Weapon Of Self Destruction Essay

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The mind is the greatest weapon of self-destruction. In the novel “Macbeth” written by William Shakespeare, a characters fate throughout the story was lead by their actions, which derived from their decisions. Siddhartha Gautama also know as Buddha, whether be a prophet or God has preached many words of wisdom about the journey of life. In close relation, the story of Macbeth has portrayed much truth to many of his teachings regarding the four noble truths on several occasions. The philosophy and teachings of Siddhartha of the four noble truths applies to the characters of Macbeth through their unnatural desires, principled actions, and endless suffering.
Firstly, the preaching of the first noble truth applies to the continual suffering experienced by certain characters throughout the play of Macbeth. Siddhartha states that the first noble truth is that life is full of continual sufferance. “Buddha saw clearly that life as typically lived is unfulfilling and filled with insecurity”(32), signifying that sufferance is frequently endured due to the temporal time period of all things including life itself. Evidently, the experience of life sufferance also known as the first noble truth becomes glaringly apparent in the story of Macbeth when innocent family members or significant characters are murdered. Primarily the murder of Duncan caused great grief among his citizens and immediate family, his sons. “And the time hasn’t come yet for us to turn our deep grief into action”…

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