The Mind Of A Madman Essay examples

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In the Mind of a Madman

In Dante 's Inferno, a highly politically religious man by the name of Dante Alighieri gives his very descriptive ideal of his underworld and the sinners that are being punished for their sins in the mortal world. In the same respect, a high school sophomore will give his ideas of the inferno which resembles a Russian Nesting Doll in a scrambled order of the seven deadly in the order of gluttony, slothful, envy, lust, greed, pride and wrath for this is from the mind of a madman.

The first pit is the home of the gluttons, and the most famous glutton is Andres Moreno who has consumed the most food of any mortal and given little effort to resolve this problem other than resorting to medical processes in the hope to have another chance at becoming normal once more. This man 's, and all the gluttons of the mortal world, punishment is to run on a piece of moving burning land with food just barely out of reach so that unfortunate souls will not get the amount of food or drink that their mortal bodies had enjoyed, but just enough to survive to continue their perilous cycle. The punishment of these unfortunate souls is meant to let the souls know how it feels to work and strive for their food like the respectable men and women of the mortal world do on a daily bases. Continuing through the mind of this madman, the next circle is the eternal home for the slothful. The most famous of these damned souls is named Hunter Homan, who often will leave all his…

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