Essay on The Mind Of The Soul

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Have you ever heard of someone dying? Everyone has, right? Whether it was someone they knew and loved, or somebody who they had never heard of or cared about. People die, everyone can agree on that. People die, their bodies decompose, and they are gone forever. But, what about them? The thing that was who they are, their personality, the thing that made them move and act like themselves? Some would say it’s gone, destroyed, or nonexistent. Some would call that the soul. There are many thoughts to be had about souls. Are souls real? Do people have souls? Will their souls be what goes to heaven or hell? Will their soul continue to exist after the body dies? These questions are ideas that should be brought to focus and answered. Yet it’s so difficult to understand and explain the abstract concept of the soul.
If you search on the internet for the definition of the soul, you will find many different explanations. Merriam Webster’s dictionary declares the soul as “the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever” (Merriam-Webster). This is a relatively agreeable definition of the soul. states the soul is “the principle of life, feeling , thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body”(
If we go back a few thousand years, we can find and interpret definitions from famous…

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