The Mind Wandering By Matt Killingsworth Essay

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Living in the moment is about having all your attention directed toward the present. To do this, you must be mindful of your actions and your state of mind. Also, when you live more in the moment, you tend limit mind wandering.

Matt Killingsworth reveals the importance of living in the moment in his TED Talk. The results of a study he conducted suggest that people are substantially less happy while mind-wandering. He tells us that when our minds wander, we often think of unpleasant things. Even when we think of pleasant things, we are slightly less happy than when we aren 't mind wandering. Killingsworth even assimilates mind-wandering to a slot machine you 'd never want to play because accord to him, mind wandering never makes you happier; it only creates varying degrees of unhappiness:

If mind-wandering were a slot machine, it would be like having the chance to lose 50 dollars, 20 dollars or one dollar. Right? You 'd never want to play.

Mind-wandering is quite an amazing ability. It allows us to escape the present, but it also seems to cause unhappiness. Yet, according to Killingsworth 's study, "forty-seven percent of the time, people are thinking about something other than what they 're currently doing."

Living in the moment is also an important part of minimalism because it helps you embrace and enjoy all the different activities and facets of your life. When you are more mindful, you place less value in your material possessions. As I have said before, by living…

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