The Most Dangerous Periods Of Time Essay

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Once upon a time we lived in a world that was beautiful and bright in the day and dark and cold in the night. Our day ended at 6 in the afternoon, we all lived in fear because we had no lightening. This was one of the most dangerous periods of time because we had no type of light after dusk. There were plenty of dangerous places, and there were many possibilities that you won’t be there the next day for many towns. Out of all the towns there was one small town called Ignis that everyone wanted to attack. Ignis was everyone’s target because it was weak, well everyone thought. Ignis was located in between many cities, many wanted to get rid of it because they wanted to create something better. There was a group called SU that wanted to build a beautiful clear beach. A beach for us today won’t be much of a reason to kill for, but for them it was something that no one had ever thought of. No one had ever thought of creating a large body of water, it was one of the greatest creations. Therefore SU was determined to get rid of Ignis. Not many were aware that SU existed and that they were ready to attack them. On the other hand in the small town of Ignis there was one unique family named the Varme family. The Varme family was a family a family of three, David which was the father & husband, Red which was the mother and wife, and Flame who was the daughter of David and Red. The Varme family was very different than the other families; they had something that no other had. Growing…

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