Essay on The Mysterious Correlation Between The Mind And Body

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The mysterious correlation between the mind and the body had eagerly been researched by many scientists. Many research and theories have been presented as to what or how they work with one another. One intriguing question is what exactly the mind is. In the video, Philosophy of Mind, they talk about the different theories. It also talks about how these theories came about and from which philosopher created a theory in regards to the relationship between the mind and body. Philosophers that study the mind, they study with precision; consciousness, sensation, perception, reasoning, desire, intentionally, decision, belief, imagination, and memory. Dualism and monism are two theory in which philosophers may see their notion of the mind and body. Dualism meaning that the mind and the body are two separate objects. In contrast, monism means that the mind and body are within the same object. Descartes way of seeing the concept of the mind and body was that of a dualist. He believed that the mind and the body were both separate entities. In dualism there three related theories which are parallelism, epiphenomenalism, and emergentism. Parallelism is a theory related to dualism stating that although there is a correlation between mental and physical events there is no causal connection between them. This theory was brought forth by philosopher Leibniz, who believed that the mental and physical events were synchronized but unrelated to one another. Epiphenomenalism is the theory that…

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