The New York Times And The Guardian Essay

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Gone are the days when magazine media resisted change, magazine professionals today embrace it with endeavors, creativity and better knowledge. As we learn new practice, metrics and analytics tools, advancements in digital technology open up new opportunities to extend, enhance and rethink magazine brands everyday. From examining the constantly changing magazine industry, through editorial and business lens, I believe pursuing the following four areas will allow magazine media to remain relevant and indispensable to society and readers.

Give them something to do Readers today have become addicted to distraction. Their attention span is shrinking, and a minute of their time is a luxury in today 's mobile-first competition. How then do we engage them into clicking, reading and sharing before they switch or swipe to another content? The answer so far has been to interact. As with Snapchat 's popular feature Discover, as long as readers feel they are doing something, they do not feel the need to “switch.” The New York Times and The Guardian have been doing a magnificent job in engaging the audience with their innovative storytelling, which makes use of videos, interactive quizzes, clickable maps and moving charts.

Stories that allow readers to partake in the narrative, either generating, personalizing or co-producing it, will result in more engagement, especially among millennials. Interactive charts, graphs and video are becoming common visual elements that will make…

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