The New York Times Article Essay

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The New York Times article is about the European measure of tolerance of the use of the full-faced veil, otherwise known as balaclavas, in public. This law was passed as the Burqa bill. It’s an initiative for the Muslim population to integrate with the culture they have gone to inhabit, specifically in France. Due to this law being passed, women who are caught wearing the balaclava and do not remove it when asked, are fined. By observing the author’s argument, the situation that has and is still going on becomes clear. I will also compare how other countries are dealing with similar issues.

The author of this article’s argument is one sided, almost bias. Most of the women that were interviewed spoke of feeling isolated due to not being able to leave their homes. One woman, Mrs. Ahmas, stated that she was spat at, honked at, beaten, and even assaulted in front of her child. Another, Ms. Drider, states that she hates this law because it has affected her children’s view of the country they live in. These children are witnessing how people create and act according to stereotypes. Most western people associate the Muslim religion with terrorism. Never in this article was there a testimony on the side of the law, which makes it biased. Due to the situations, such as stereotypes, there has been a series of complications that have affected both the Muslims, and the rest of the population inhabiting France.

France is dealing with the largest Muslim population in Europe. Due…

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