The Perception Of The Mind And Body Essay

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The first matter at hand is how the runner is able to perceive the pain. Descartes explains that sensory perception, along with imagination, are modes of the mind. They are not fundamental to him, such that he can conceive of himself without them, but he could not conceive sensory perception and imagination without a mind to contain them. A mind, with intellectual substance, is essential to sensory perception and imagination in the same way that a mode of an extension needs an extension to exist. Thus, sensory perception occurs in the mind.
In the scenario, there is a sensory perception that the body is experiencing excruciating pain. However, given that the mind and body are distinct and this involves a mode of the mind and the body, this phenomena is possible through the interaction between the mind and body.
Despite his dualism thesis, Descartes cannot deny that the senses are connected to the body, in such that sensations such as pain, hunger, and thirst correspond to when the body is not doing well. Descartes uses the example of a sailor and a boat, in that the mind is more present in the body than a sailor is in a boat. When the body is injured, the mind, as a thinking thing, senses the pain, but a sailor would perceive the sight of a damaged boat through pure intellect. Therefore, Descartes concludes that mind and body are commingled. Thus, in this case, the mind is sensing the pain that the body is experiencing in running this marathon.
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