The Story Of The Weeping Times Essay

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The Weeping Times took place in Savannah, Georgia, in March 1857 and lasted for two days. The name came from the dreary weather that had occurred as it had rained non-stop for the entirety of the auction. The name also comes from the tears of the men, women and children who were sold off and ripped away from their loved ones. The owner of the slaves, Pierce Butler, had inherited the family 's Georgia plantations some twenty years earlier, along with his brother John. But Pierce had squandered away his portion of the inheritance, losing a rumored $700,000; now he was deeply in debt. Management of Pierce Butler 's estate was transferred to trustees. The trustees sold off Butler 's once-grand, now-neglected Philadelphia mansion for $30,000. Other Butler properties were sold as well. But it was not enough to satisfy creditors, much less to ensure that Butler would continue to live in luxury. So the trustees turned to the Georgia plantations and their "moveable" property -- their slaves. 4 The men of Butler 's endowment coordinated the arrangement with Joseph Bryan 's slave plantation to settle Butler 's monetary commitments. Butler’s legacy in the exchange was long. His granddad, Pierce Butler enforced the Fugitive Slave Clause into the Constitution which permitted the return of runaway slaves. The 436 men, women, kids, and newborn children, every one of whom had been conceived on the plantation, were taken to Ten Broeck Race Course in Savannah, Georgia, and put in the slows…

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