The Theory Of Classroom Management Essay

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Introduction Classroom management is essential to learning in the PreK-12 setting. One of the most common concern of administrators, teachers, and parents is whether or not a teacher has classroom management. Over the years the setting of the classroom has changed; we are now in the age of a technology driven society. Classroom management is not only behavior but having effective strategies and techniques in order to provide successful instruction. The definition of classroom management consists of the practices and procedures a teacher uses to maintain the environment in which instruction and learning takes place. (Jondahl, Sarah F., Oretha F. Ferguson , & Wong, H., 2014.)
Research Problem
Using effective classroom management; is an underlying issue in the K-5 setting. As a first grade teacher for 13 years; classroom management is usually one off the main reasons teacher are known to “come and go” in this occupation. In order for learning to take place, a teacher’s classroom management skills must be effective. When combining my experience of using interactive technology in classroom and perusing the research, the research problem to be investigated is “What effect does the use of interactive technology have on classroom management in a K-12 setting?”
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this study is to discover if the use of interactive technology in a K-12 setting effects classroom management. There are many capacities of classroom management; however technology may be…

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