The Time After The Reconstruction Era Essay

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During the time after the Reconstruction era, an era that mended the country from the destructive Civil War, large corporations, wealthy business tycoons and even the federal government took advantage of the weak economy to establish a strong and secure basis in the rejoined nation. While new inventions and innovations aided the creation of new businesses in a variety of fields, including manufactured ice for long distance food transportation, large corporations began to stabilize monopolies on certain industries such as the railroad, steel and oil. In result, small business could not stand a chance against the monopolized, structured, and wealthy corporations. Furthermore, these corporations were financially aided by the government excessively, and bribes were put forth to halt investigations. The working class and poor were outraged by the extremely low wages and the long hours these corporations were giving them, and since these corporations controlled the entire market, no other work options were available. Unions were formed to protect the working class by organizing mass strikes, and standing up against oppressive and unfair employers. Even a political party known as The Populist Party was formed to protect and give more power to the lower/working class, standing for the beliefs of the Populist movement. Large corporations took advantage of their high capital, the government, and the people to benefit themselves, hurting small business and the capitalist market. While…

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