The Time Of Classes On Church History Essay

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The couple of classes on church history I took at King’s were informative and I found myself inspired from what I learned. One of these classes was called Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. The biggest thing that I learned in this class was that the Kingdom of God has never ceased from moving in the world through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and through miracles. In this class on charismatic church history we were able to trace the move of the Holy Spirit in the earth back to the book of Acts. I found this to be extremely encouraging because I, like many other Western believers, did not know that God has been moving in the miraculous non-stop from the time of Jesus until now.
Something that I am not sure about with these history classes is how much I will use the information on a daily basis. I have deeply enjoyed these classes because they have given me some excellent context to my understanding of God’s work through Christianity but because I do not refer back to them very often it is hard for me to see them as useful beyond the classroom.
As a whole, the history classes that I have taken at TKU were informative and inspirational. They gave perspective to my current beliefs and how Christianity arrived to what it is today. Although I do not use the information on a regular basis, I know I will refer to it to give others context and hopefully impart a better understanding of God’s ways on the earth.
Dr. Pete Sanchez taught the apologetics class that I took for my…

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