The Time Of The Butterflies Essay example

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Through ironic scenes of the “Butterflies” Mirabal sisters courageously living out their beliefs despite social discouragement, Alvarez creates the conflict of living up to society’s expectations versus following your own beliefs, especially if one is a woman. In The Time of the Butterflies is set in the era of Rafael Trujillo’s dictatorship in the Dominican Republic, a dominantly Catholic country; these two main components inevitably make women the inferior gender, Catholicism stressing the spiritual and physical authority of men over women and Trujillo, a man, emphasizing this already-set role of women in society. Alvarez first uses assertive and charismatic Minerva Mirabal, who “for years...has been agitating to go to law school” and plays volleyball in trousers and tennis shoes with the boys while “the girls all sit in the galería (balcony) cheering” (Alvarez 10, 70). The fact that Minerva wants to be a lawyer despite living under Trujillo’s dictatorship and doesn’t assume the passive role of a woman suggests how women can pursue their own desires on what to do instead of submitting to social standards set by the public and the government. The fact that even Mama states, “Just what we need, skirts in the law!” (Alvarez 10) indicates how some women themselves hinder their own independence and success apart from men, to which Alvarez challenges through Minerva. Minerva is “a woman with a mind of her own”, states Trujillo (Alvarez 99); Alvarez presents this ironic comment…

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