The Time Of The Butterflies Essay

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The female stereotype is typically considered to be weak, passive, and marginalized; this notion can limit females’ ideas of what they can do and are allowed to do. In The Time of the Butterflies Julia Alverez, tells the story of the four Mirabal sisters living in a society where they are being repressed, through their family roles and expectations of being just a wife and mother. As they resist the dictatorship of Trujillo, they find their voices to speak out against the patriarchy suppressing them and change the ideas of the female gender. Alverez uses the Mirabal sisters’ experience of defying the stereotypical portrayal of females to demonstrate the power of resistance in response to patriarchal dominance. Alverez shows Minerva demanding that her father earn her respect and creating her own inner strength and power. Minerva discovers her father has another family and has not told her or her family about them. Minerva feels betrayed and says, “’I don’t owe you a thing,’ I said. My voice was as sure and commanding as his. ‘You’ve lost my respect’” (Alverez 89). Minerva needs people to earn her respect; she is not going to hand it out to anyone. She has morals and her father has broken them, so he doesn’t deserve her respect – as a male he thinks he has the authority to do this, but she knows better. Minerva challenges the female portrayal by not blindly listening and following everything her father says just because he is her father. Her gender role does not define who…

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