The Time Of The Butterflies Essay examples

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My favorite assignment has been every assignment dealing with the Mirabals sisters. I like every assignment dealing with the Mirabals sisters. I was not raised in the Dominican Republic I was raised here in New Jersey, so anything dealing with the Dominican Republic and me learning something new excites me. The book “In the Time of the Butterflies” has taught me that our mind is born innocent, but events and things mold your mind and makes you see/do things differently. Like Minerva’s mind was innocent (she was naive) when she was a little girl and then she learned things about Trujillo that made her see him differently, and she started to do things differently because she sneaked out of Inmaculada Concepcion because she was part of a group that was against Trujillo. The only part I did not like were the analytical question. I have enjoyed every discussion because if I was a bit confused, I would get unconfused. In my previous classes I’ve never had a discussion for every page of a book. Maybe because I understand the book so well is that everything dealing with the Mirabal sisters I like.
My least favorite assignment was the “In the time of the Butterflies” chapter questions. Even though I like “In the time of the Butterflies,” I don’t like answering analytical questions. I don’t know the correct answers at time. Sometimes I might think I did good because I filled up the paper, but at the end I get 50% off for some questions because I missed a part. Some questions are…

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