Essay about The Time Of The Butterflies

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The story, In the Time of the Butterflies, commenced in 1994, with Dede, the only surviving Mirabal sister, being interviewed in 1994. She was explaining to the interviewer and to the readers about her other three sisters’ unfortunate death. This unfolds a series of flashbacks that are explained throughout the book. In the derivation, the reader encounters the Butterflies, the nicknames given to the revolutionist Mirabal sisters, Minevra, Patria, and Maria Teresa (better known as Mate.) Their journey unraveled during the sisters’ time spent at Inmaculada Concepción, a religious boarding school for young women. During her stay, Minevra encounters Sinita, a young girl who opened Minerva’s eyes to the horrid, gruesome plots that the country’s beloved dictator, Trujillo, was implementing. The readers learned that prior to going to boarding school, Sinita’s brother and two uncles were murdered by the power lusting hand of Trujillo. Following, the readers encountered the tragedy of a beautiful young women, Lina Latova, Minerva’s friend, who was enticed by Trujillo. He read her poems, gave her flowers, and demonstrated other tokens of love. He eventually impregnated her and sent her to Miami where she would raise his child alone. This symbolized one of the first corruptions of innocence. The novel continues into, “the day where all the trouble began,” as explained by Dede, who reconciles on meeting her first love, Virgillio Morales, also known as Lio. He implanted realistic…

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