Essay about The Time Of The Norman Invasion

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I. 1 At the time of the Norman invasion, Harold Godwinson was king of England. His brother Tostigg had been exiled, after trying to claim the throne for himself. While in exile, King Harald of Norway decided he wanted the English throne too. Tostigg offered his services to the king, and was accepted. Meanwhile, William the Conqueror was preparing to invade as well. This meant that Harald 's forces were both spread out, and lessened, since this was at the end of summer and most of Harald 's forces had gone home to the harvest. Harald defeated the Norse, then marched to meet William. And of course, William defeated Harald there, at the Battle of Hastings, and England was never the same again. I. 2 William the Conqueror 's ascension to the British throne hugely affected the English language. When the Normans invaded, they brought with them their language. This then blended into Old English. Old English gradually became more and more French, borrowing French words and grammar, until it eventually became Middle English. Without the Normans, the English we know today wouldn 't exist.

II. 1 A dialect is a way of speaking, characterized by accent an pronounciation, grammar and syntax, and slang. A dialect is usually confined to one geographic location. The Appalachian dialect is a very melodic, flowing dialect. It contains some influences from Scotch-Irish settlers, but much of it developed on its own, as inventions of its speakers. Some examples of words…

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