The Time Traveler 's Wife Essay

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The Time Traveler’s wife is about a man, Henry, who discovers he is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder . Which basically means he can time travel, he has no control over when and where he travels but he eventually discovers he only time travels when he has moments of emotional gravity from his life, past, and future. Henry discovered his ability when he was in a car accident as a child, where his mother was killed. After that day Henry had been time traveling to different places at random times. The story contains many twists, such as Henry’s appearance at random times. This may come as confusing at first, but after understanding the way he lives one can differentiate if the correct Henry is present or not.
Though throughout the story Audrey Niffenegger, the author incorporates the theme of loneliness and chaos. She not only tries to make the novel romantic, but she also tries to tell her audience that every romance has ups and downs and in situations as crazy as time travel, a couple will have obstacles that will try to knock them down but one has to eventually come back up, if not for ourselves then for someone we love. She uses the love that Henry and Clare feel for each other and their ambitions to describe what real a relationship is composed of, such as something that they cannot be prevented or controlled, yet making their love strong and unforgettable. In the novel, Henry has struggles that regular people do not even know really…

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