Essay on The Value Of Good Time Management Skills

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The Value of Good Time Management Skills
Some aspects of life cannot be classified with a numerical rate, such as the value of good time management skills. Although this is true, most would agree that being able to manage time is a dynamic skill and extremely important. As stated by Ronald G. Leach (1980), “There is no such thing as lack of time. In a real sense we all have time for those things we want to make time for. The key question is, what do we want to do with our time?” More often than not, students struggle with managing time efficiently. They wait to the last minute to do school work and that leads to poor writing. By rushing to meet deadlines, it takes away from vital time spent constructing quality work and proofreading. Several explanations have been identified as to why students and/or adults in general struggle with time management. These factors include but not limited to too much multi-tasking, extended our on the job, and countless hours devoted into inessential activities (Chambers, 2015). First of all, if a person is not focused, their performance will be compromised. Focus is the center of interest or activity and by definition refers to one particular task. Being that most students and/or adults are forced to “multi-task”, it is expected that one’s focus will be slightly altered. Time management is effected tremendously by the amount focus that is allotted to tasks. A useful tool at being successful at almost anything is to apply…

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