The Women Of A Woman Of That Time Essay

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materially satisfied, she is completely subjugated by the will of her husband. Conversely, Aunty Ifeoma may not be as financially abundant, but she is educated and holds a position that allows her to assert her voice and identity, as a professor at the University in Nsukka. Ifeoma acts as a foil to Beatrice, their contrast undergirding Adichie’s critique.

Beatrice fits the ideal expectation of a woman of that time. As a “traditional Nigerian-Chatholic,” she is constantly adhering to the belief that her life revolves around her husband. This belief is perhaps clearest shown through her reply towards Ifeoma’s suggestion to leave her husband, a meek “where would I go if I leave Eugene’s house?” From her reply, Adichie is able to portray a sense of helplessness faced by women. Beatrice represents many of the women within that postcolonial context, who were still strongly subjected to the will of their husbands and regarded as domestic subjects, resigning themselves to the inherent limitations of such expectations. Limitations that readers will be able to empathise with, as Kambili narrates of how women like Beatrice consciously suppress their will, voices and identities, becoming shadows of their husbands. Adichie paints a picture of how, ultimately, Beatrice and women like her are essentially defined by their marriages and homes, completely “dependent and powerless.”

Adichie employs strong reversals of such patriarchal ideals when she portrays Beatrice as a domesticated…

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