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Mgt 201. Assignments
Please submit your assignments one at a time, and space the assignments so that you have a chance to get feedback from one before you submit another. Think Pieces 1. Read the material on Myers-Briggs psychological types contained in Module. Then take the online Myers-Briggs psychological type test at the following site: Once you have taken the test, press the hot button that allows you to learn more about your type. a. What is your psychological type? b. How do you think your specific type affects your behavior in the workplace? c. Write down the psychological type of someone whose type is completely opposite of yours (e.g., ESTP is the opposite of INFJ). Using
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This review typically would take from two to six weeks). Clearly, Songsri was leading a virtual project team, with important players located in three different time zones. A major challenge she faced was establishing effective communications among the players. a. Identify at least four significant team communication challenges she would be facing on this project that would be tied to the fact that she was working with a virtual team. Explain carefully the problems associated with each challenge. Describe the negative impact the project would face if these challenges were not successfully handled. b. For each of the challenges, describe how Songsri could deal with them. Explain why you think your proposed solutions would make things better.

Important! Don’t provide superficial comments. The situation Songsri faces is becoming common in modern organizations. Dealing with this situation effectively is crucially important. In developing your response, take into account a range of factors, such as organizational issues, psychological issues, geographical issues, group dynamic issues, and technical issues. You should devote 3-5 pages (single spaced, 12 point font) to your answer. 3. Deborah Tannen addresses a range of communications issues that men and

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