Time Goes By So Fast Essay

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Time goes by so fast. Looking back, it feels like I was here just few days back, but it has already been a year and I am here in the United States. Before travelling to United States, I had never travelled anywhere outside my country. So, travelling far away from home to a new place in a different continent with a totally different culture was a very big step in my life. Having grown up in a same place for years, I always dreamt about studying abroad, going to new places, and learning about new culture and lifestyle in abroad. And, studying abroad in the United States has been one of the fulfilment of my dream. Moreover, the chance to study in a foreign country has been a whole new adventure as well as introduced me to new world, ideas, and concepts.
I had never been outside my country and travelling all the way from Nepal to United States, which is thousands of miles apart was a very big thing for me. As days neared for me to leave my country, I was so much worried and tensed. When I got to the airport, I was so excited, as well as nervous, thinking about travelling so far. I was travelling all alone and it was going to be a whole new experience for me. My parents were so much more worried than I was, since it was my first travel and I was travelling all alone. My parents and friends came to set me off at the airport. Everyone was so sad, and I could see tears in their eyes. Looking at them, I could not control my feelings and I burst into tears. Then, my dad reminded me…

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