Essay on Time Is Money And Learning

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I believe that time is money and learning how to manage one’s time goes a long way into bringing about a society in which people are responsible and good time managers, on a macro scale. I believe that the society should incorporate a culture in which children, from a young age are taught to manage their time not just in the learning environment, but in other areas of their lives too outside the school. A person who can properly manage time implies one who can be trusted with responsibilities to deliver on time, without compromising on the quality of the results expected. Suppose this is the culture that the community focuses on, then I think that one will find management of investments handy because the individual understands the value of time.
There are three ways to use our own time: investing, spending and loss. We can support ourselves with clothes and food, and the whole life will be full of these. But there is an alternative. We can become secured and buy time of other people, who can prepare breakfast, clean shoes and a suit, dress and repair the car, and build a cottage in a half months. Thus, we can spend our free time to those things that are the most interesting for us. Do you know why the money will always be? One of the most secret desires of many people is to make their lives longer. But even if someone is willing to give you five minutes of their life - you cannot just take this gift and glue it to the place of the end of your life. Surprisingly, but what…

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