Time Management : A Successful Productive Life Essay examples

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Procrastination, the actions of postponing or delaying a task. Everyone has played this game whether they were in high school or college. Even today, college students still play with this procrastination game. We all try to stay out of it, but once you play this game and get the habit of it, then there is no way out, unless you create yourself a schedule on what kinds of tasks you need to finish before the new day comes. Needless to say, I have an average amount of time management skills. But with a little more discipline I will be able to finish my tasks on time without delays. “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. Time management manages time effectively and directly impacts your schedule whether it’s through learning experience or not. Time management can be life altering, it can lead to self-confidence, positive stress free outlook in life, career, family, personal time and education. Time management is a foundation of a successful productive life.
I have always struggled with time management during my four years of high school. I have gotten everything done, but I never had the time to actually study for a quiz or test. Also, I was at least 5-10 minutes late every morning on the first class, church, school’s concert, etc. Ever since college started and my professors have given us a lot of homework and quizzes, I always had to study and finish homework for different classes. It was overwhelming and tough at first, but once…

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