Essay on Time Management And Effective Planning

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My life is filled with activities and events constantly, and sometimes I find it challenging to balance all of my extra-curricular activities with my school life. One of the largest problems is that I am often lazy and procrastinate when it comes to doing schoolwork. This ends up causing me a great deal of stress, as I resort to staying up until unreasonable hours of night to complete my homework. My problem with this was not only that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but I also missed out on free time. In addition, the homework I was struggling to complete was not even an extreme amount, it was just that I neglected to manage my time and complete the homework before doing other activities. I was driven to change. To solve this problem, I set out to make a change in my daily routine. I wanted to change my bad habits and lethargy in order to become more organized and be less stressed. To do this, I implemented several new processes.
Time management and effective planning are skills that are incredibly important in life, yet many people lack them. Fortunately for me, this meant that there was a wealth of information on how to become better at it. As I sifted through the masses of information, I found a few articles that were incredibly helpful and provided great insight on the topic. These articles provided the necessary information for me to succeed in my goal. The first source that I found was article on easy time-management tips. The article listed several ways to…

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