Time Management At A Young Age Essay

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Anthony father passed away from doing drugs when he was in the second grade and Anthony was held behind that year. He stays with his grandmother Gloria because she took him. He never knew his mom and his grandmother was raised by her grandparents. His grandmother wants to send him to a boarding school. There are 24 spaces and 61 applicants, sadly he did not get in but was put on the waitlist. He wants to go to college to get an education so he can better his future for his kids. In the end he got into the boarding school because the school made room. I feel hopeful for Anthony because he has a good support system and he is going to a boarding school. The school and watch Anthony closely because he is living their. He has two roommates and will learn how to study and use time management at a young age. This should be good for Anthony and help him get into college so that way he can better himself.

In 3-4 sentences, describe your reaction to the national assessment statistics for the different states in America - especially compared to other countries. The government does what they think is right to improve education, but they have only made it worse on children. They have required tests that not only takes away time from school but also has made students learn from direct instruction. The reason why other countries are so ahead of the U.S. because they do not emphasis standardized test as much as we do. Other countries have made learning fun for students.

In 3-4…

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