Time Management : Basis For Success Essay

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Time Management: Basis for Success Time management has been a problem for college students for as long as anyone can remember. If time is not spent on grades, then grades will suffer. If time is not spent on a job, then there is no source of income to pay for college. Lastly, if time is not spent on a social life, then loneliness creeps in. How is it possible to maintain all of it? Believe it or not, the skills to manage time properly can be done. It takes hard work and consistency, like developing a good habit. Time management is imperative if one wants to maintain academic, employment, and social success. The numerous social activities, the job that supports financially, no parents telling you what you can and can’t do, and no detention for being late or skipping class; it’s not easy to successfully manage time. The basic rule to effectively manage time is to be your own boss, and to accountable for oneself. No longer is their parents or teacher to rely on whenever you mess up, nobody is to blame anymore. Being in charge of oneself is all it really comes down to, even though it’s much easier said than done. There are many options to help with poor time management skills. For example, practice good skills while you’re young and still in high school. Or, take a class that focuses on developing time management skills. Finally, be surrounded with people as the same goals. The ones who have these skills figured out and then eventually the skills will rub off. Time management…

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