Essay on Time Management Can Be A Time

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A person’s has two options on how to live life; either plan accordingly or plan as the day goes by. There is no right or wrong way with these options, but one helpful skill is being able to manage time wisely. Once reaching adulthood, time management can be a hassle because of the overwhelming responsibilities. The poor choices made of not working towards completing daily tasks at his/her best efforts shouldn 't be a habit. Their should be an early upbringing in middle school students, to make better decisions in the future. Surviving the Past is a virtual game, designed to teach players to learn how to manage time by giving them a list of choices to prioritize, multitask by having a vast majority of deadlines, and plan ahead. In my game, the protagonist will go back to in time to stop the assassination of historic figures given a time limit. The game has a twelve hour clock to save the historic figure,but in real life it 's two hours of playing each level. The game is accessible on a website with hyper-realistic graphics for the player to have a fascinated experience.
Unfortunately, as we grow older there isn 't a class on how to prioritize before entering college or starting a career. In addition, it leads to a stressful lifestyle because people are unprepared for the challenges in life. In order to help the player prioritizing a list of choices, since it’s something that needs to be done first before he/she starts the adventure. There will be a map on the right…

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